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Family Law

Relationship breakdown hits people in different ways but it is never easy.

It is hard to know where to turn when you have relationship problems.  Family and friends can be supportive and they can share their knowledge and experience but there are lots of myths and misconceptions about how to manage relationship issues and also about family law.  Most people think that getting family law advice should be avoided if possible – it is something you only do when things are so bad that you have no choice.

But strangely almost everyone who gets family law advice says they wish they had done it earlier.  They usually explain that they were worried about the cost and whether it would make things worse.

People are usually surprised that spending an hour with a family law specialist opens up possibilities that had never been considered and it disposes of anxieties which were based on misunderstandings about family law and how it all works.  People are surprised to hear that almost all relationship issues are resolved by agreement, but that there are many ways to reach agreement and the way which is likely to be cheapest and most effective for you depends on many things, particularly the personalities of the couple involved.

Our experience is that after that one hour of specialist family law advice most people feel that a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.  They understand about their entitlements and the best way to negotiate a settlement.  They recognise some risks and dangers which they need to avoid.  Their personal situation is no longer confused or confusing, and their options are clear.

After advice many people are able to negotiate their own settlement and our role is simply limited to preparing a settlement Agreement.  Others try mediation and in some cases we help by negotiating with their partner or spouse.  Court proceedings are rarely commenced but when they are they have a settlement rate of around 95% which usually enables them to be wrapped up without significant expense.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people with family law advice.  The most important thing that we have learnt is that getting specialist family law advice very early, even before separation, is the best way to avoid the stress, anxiety and cost of family law disputes.  There are smart ways and not-so-smart ways to deal with relationship breakdown and our advice comes from decades of experience.

Some client feedback:

“Thank you for all your help ……………… I just wish we had met earlier”.

“Thank you for your sympathetic and dedicated work”.

“Excellent lawyer/mediation team work [led to] one of the more remarkable outcomes”.

“Thank you very much for your information and caring attitude in leading me through the unknown minefield of matrimonial affairs.  I am happier than I have been for years.”