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Deceased Estate Administration

At Murdoch Clarke we understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time. When it comes time for your wishes to be carried out, Murdoch Clarke has the expertise and experience to help ensure the intentions expressed in a Will are properly realized.

The complexities of estate administration can be confusing and we will do our very best to ease the burden of your family at a time when they are grieving. If you do not wish to burden your family with estate administration or you do not have any family to do this for you, we can offer assistance in those circumstances too. In a practical sense, we can help your executor with such tasks as collection of your assets, probate and property transmission, consideration of tax issues such as capital gains and the distribution of your estate.

At Murdoch Clarke we offer all services in relation to deceased estate administration and our aim is to ensure that this is carried out in a timely manner and with the compassion and understanding that this difficult time requires.

Why Use Professional Services To Administer An Estate?

In these times of increased litigation and contesting of Wills it is important to consider professional estate administration. At Murdoch Clarke our experienced team will ensure that the administration of your estate is completed efficiently and properly so that it will be clearly and easily understood by all parties concerned.

Our services include:

  • administration of an estate with a Will
  • administration of an estate without a Will
  • acting as trustee and executor of deceased estates;
  • estate and trustee law advice.

If you are reading this because you need some assistance with the administration of an estate.

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Our Other Services Include: